Experiences and Pricing

Immersive pioneering experiences are perfect for families, men’s or corporate retreats, youth groups, and religious institutions.

Hoe Downs and Hay Rides

Come enjoy the great out doors with a good old fashioned Hoe Down and Hay Ride. We’ll get the band together and pull out the tracker. We are just ichin’ for a reason to party. Our professional musicians call the square dance and several of our staff will show you all the fancy moves.

We charge $X for X hours of Hay Ride around the property, $X for a 6 piece band for X hours of Square Dance music.

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War Reenactments

Revolutionary War – Reenactments

Morgans Riflemen and other assorted Blue Coats and Red Coats will be encamped around the property annually on Memorial Day weekend.

World War I – Reenactments

General Pershing, the Kaiser, maybe even Woodrow Wilson might be here to review the troops of the Worlds First War each April

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Pioneer Treks

One Day – Trek Experience

4 Hour
$16.50 adult – student
$15.00 child (4 to 12)
8 Hour
$18.50 adult – student
$17.00 child

20% discount
groups of 60+.

30 person minimum
400 person maximum

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One Day – Trek Experiences

4 to 8 hour wagon/handcart excursion reflective of the California, Oregon or Mormon Trail history. Visitors make up the wagon company members, preparing to head west and participate in the events of the Trail west:

Check-In: a period greeting and assembling of equipment, rations and supplies as if on the Trail for 1 day
Trail: trekkers pull a handcart or walk along, herd goats/sheep or just walk for less than 1 mile for the day.

Day One – Vignettes

a) Pioneer Justice: the “Company” disciplines a violator of the company goods and trust, complete with judge (Trail Boss), jury and witnesses.
b) Pioneer Burial: poor ol Hezekiah has died in the night and must be buried along the trail
c) Pioneer Wedding: Young Jacob and Becca Tie the Knot, literally, on the trail.
d) Military Conscription: Colonel Kearney has sent his Adjutant to conscript all the able bodied men for the Conflict in the West
e) Historical Characters: along the trail the likes of Jim Bridger, Jed Smith, Jefferson Hunt and others may greet the passerby and regale them with their story.

One Day – Trek Activities

Rations: dried beef, cheese, tack, and fruit.
Skills: shingle making, log sawing, fire making, tomahawking, plowing, archery, and log splitting are examples of the skills to be done by the “pioneers.”
Pastimes: the day’s end created time for music, dance, storytelling, games and other pastimes.

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Two Day – Trek Experience

$95 adult – student
$85 child (6 to 12)

Minimum Age: 6
20% discount for groups of 60+
60 person minimum
300 person maximum

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Two Day – Trek Activities

24 to 32 hour excursion: includes all of Day Trip activities above plus:
3 meals: moldy cheese / bread, rancid beans, salt pork, 4 oz of flour, parched corn, musty cider (Finely catered meals).
Cotillion n Etiquette: pioneer scholars are schooled in the finer aspects of manners, introductions, reels, quadrilles, polkas and more.
Sentries Watch: all are expected to take a watch during the night for wolves, bandits, hostiles and other predators of the company.

Three to Five Days – Trek Experience

$80 per day: adult – student
$70 per day: child (10 to 12)

Minimum Age: 10
20% discount for groups of 110+, 80 person minimum
250 person maximum

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Three to Five Day – Trek Activities

3 to 5 day excursion: includes all of above plus:
Defense: trekkers must be prepared at a moments notice to circle wagons and defend themselves from marauders, bandits, or other predators along the trail.
Prairie Ball: clothes and bodies are washed in the “river,” best prairie attire is put on for the prairie hoedown

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Check out the Farm

Fires in the Fields!

Our Apple trees have been in decline during the last few years due a blight. And due to the fires in 2020 many of our Cherry orchards were destroyed are currently being devastated and eaten by deer, crows, squirrels, mice, and gophers.

Our Academy, along with our with volunteers, maintain approximately 25 acres using historical organic practices. Pesticides, fertilizers, and other harsh chemicals have only been invented in the recent era and were unknown to the pioneers.

If you would like to pick some great fruit go to our sister company Riley’s Ranch in Oak Glen.