Religious Pioneer Experiences

Religious Pioneer Experiences

You may find that religious freedoms are being hindered, but here at the Providential Heritage Academy we believe that our freedom of religion is a major factor in many people leaving the East and heading out West. If you would like specific religious events to be reenacted during your stay please share with us your stories and we will do what we can to accommodate your beliefs.

LDS Trek Options

Women’s Hand Cart Pull – Watch your men leave as they are called in to the Mormon Battalion. While they fight for your safety your still need to continue to the promised land. Your female families will head out on the trail and meet your men before your final climb into the promised land.

The Mormon Battalion Experience – Join the Mormon Battalion and learn to march and fight as a proper 1840’s military man would. Then cross from Texas to San Diego while you wait for your ladies to join you for the final push into camp.

Meet prominent Church Leaders and Pioneers – As you travel across our high desert you will meet some of our heroes, Joseph Smith, Porter Rockwell, or Brigham Young. We stop and learn of our church history and try to understand what it may have been.

Watch some of these videos to get a glimpse of the experience.