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Providential Heritage Academy

Mile High Ranch
12929 Mile High Ranch Rd.
Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Cell: 909 844 5590
Fax: 909 797 4524

Schedule an Experience

Contact Us to Schedule an Experience

We are working on our calendaring app currently to make life easier for you and us. Please call or fax us so we can get your group in our calendar. If we don’t answer immediately we are usually around the farm taking care of animals, orchards, and other pioneers. Our busiest times are Thursday through Saturday from dawn to dark.

Cell: 909 844 5590

Fax: 909 797 4524

We schedule pioneer experiences all year, so if your interested in a winter experience please let us know. It does snow often at our elevation.

Closed Sundays.

Map and Directions

Our location is difficult to find so please check your map and follow the directions carefully.

We are not located at Riley’s Ranch in Oak Glen!

We’re here in Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley, CA

From North, South, East or West the directions are the same.
Don’t Follow Google Maps Directions, they are WRONG!

If you have a hard time or get lost please contact us by phone at 909 844 5590, we can help you out.

  • Exit Beaumont Avenue and head North for about 5 miles.
  • Turn Right in Orchard Street.
  • Go through the stop sign and continue straight for about 3/4 miles till the street Y’s follow to the left turning into Ave San Timoteo.
  • Stay on Ave San Timoteo until the 4 way stop.
  • Continue straight on Avenida Miravilla. This is a skinny tree covered road, be cautious as you drive it.
  • The road will have several off shoots – Do Not Take them.
  • It will wind around until you feel like you are in the middle of no where. You Are! But you are headed the right direction.
  • You will start seeing some Orchards and or signs of civilization. You are in the right spot. Just keep going.
  • When you come to the end of the pavement there will be a large gate. Continue through the gate on the dirt road, but proceed slowly to keep the dust down.
  • As you pass our neighbors house on your left the road will continue to the Left through some trees. There will be a large white barn on your Left.
  • Turn in front of the barn and park in an orderly fashion.

If you have to use Google, here you go.