About Us

Providential Heritage Academy Vision

We at Providential Heritage Academy believe that students discover the importance and beauty of history by immersing themselves in real life heritage and historical experiences. Perfect understanding comes to an individual through personal experience and sharing that experience with someone else. We envision all who are admitted to the Providential Heritage Academy receive an “accreditation” in history, anthropology, sociology, educational teaching and counseling.

We have a Living Museum! 

A living history museum is a type of museum which recreates historical settings to simulate a past time period, providing visitors with an experiential interpretation of history. It is a type of museum that recreates to the fullest extent conditions of a culture, natural environment or historical period, in an example of living history.

At Mile High Ranch and Riley’s Farm we have been hosting heritage events and tours for years, and in 2002 we felt it was time to create a living museum dedicated to participatory involvement in re-creating our providential past, and re-living historical events.

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A Focus on Our Past

If you like to experience historical reality or have ever dreamed of trying to live in the historical past in dress and life style, Providential Heritage Academy is the place for you! We work with many historical groups to do many types of reenactments including the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, World War I or II. We love history and we want to help you find the history in you!

Our tour guided reenactments focus on the United States west ward ho pioneering experience, especially of the Mormon settlers crossing the from Missouri for over 2000 miles in to the Utah territory. We work with our local community and government entities to give you the most real life experiences we can with over 20 miles of private dirt roads for you to trek.

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Be a Benefactor

We are a Not For Profit (501c3) company that relies on the generosity of contributors for support. All donations are tax deductible and are used for the betterment of the curriculum and to maintain a safe and adventurous academy for you.

As a special note – In 2020 we had a devastating fire season. During that time we had 2 major fires come through our mountain, one from Cherry Valley that just missed our farm and, within a month of that, a second fire from Yucaipa that burned almost everything we fought to save during the first fire. We are blessed to be alive, and have been spared from total disaster. Our academy is still operational but we are in great need of contributions to regain the ground we lost.

Donate today to help our academy thrive again!

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Become a part of our team!

If you have the desire to be a part of history and share your talents and skills with others, being a volunteer or docent for our Providential Heritage Academy may be right for you. Do you want to join our team? Become part of our team as docents and other volunteers.

Opportunities exist to conduct wagon treks and tours, exhibit skills and trades from the past, assist with management and personnel, sponsor heritage festivals and fairs, work with the draft horses and other animals, and much, much more.

We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month starting in January to have fun as well as educate each other in the skills and activities of the past. Camp Friday night in your “tin tepee” or come up Saturday morning and enjoy a day of pioneering. And in the afternoon there may be some time for other outdoor adventures. Come in pilgrim or pioneer attire and be prepared for a good time.

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