Immerse Yourself in a Pioneering Experience

The Providential Heritage Academy is a Living History Farm and Museum of our distinct American West heritage and culture; not a conventional Academy, but an Immersive Retreat into our rich past. Historical tents and shelters, wagon trains, re-enactments, camps, musical and social events help to create the ambiance, but the magic lies in learning through participation.  

Become A Pioneer!

Discover your “Grit” through participation which is key as you pioneer your way through the great outdoors. Load your hand cart and trek through the old west like thousands of individuals before you. As you experience some of the trials of pioneer life we hope you find meaning and understanding of the difficulties that our fore-fathers went through.


I had so much fun trekking across Riley Farm / Mile High. Each of my kids have spent several days push hand carts and playing the games. It has been life changing and spiritually enlightening!


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Build Team Work

This experience is perfect for family reunions, friends groups, men’s and women’s groups, corporate retreats, team building retreats, and religious organizations.

Your immersive experience begins as your divided into family groups that will be roughing it in the great outdoors for up to a 5 day adventure. You will travel by foot across miles of open terrain, pulling your fully loaded (over 500lbs.) hand cart with all of your belongings.

Create Unity

Working together will lighten the load of your family as you travel across our portion of the San Bernardino wilderness doing difficult things. You will cross our “Sweet Water” river (shallow pond – due to California drought), fjord the “Hole in the Rock” ravine, and climb “Rocky Ridge” (2 miles of strenuous hill climb – support vehicles available for the faint of heart or those unable to make the climb).

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Be Inspired!

Inspirational stories are shared throughout your outdoor experience. These historical true stories show the “Grit” and determination our pioneers, men, women and children, needed to travel to the west.

Religious freedom was one of the reasons many left the East and headed out West. If your group would like to have a spiritual experience as part of your pioneering trek, we welcome it.

Have Fun!

Part of your American West Immersive Retreat or pioneering is more than just walking around all day, there are many daily chores that had to be done. Chopping wood, hunting for food, cooking, cleaning, rounding up your cattle or oxen, and yes fighting off defending yourself from unfriendly animals and marauders.

Enjoy learning useful pioneer skills needed in the old west through some friendly competition as you rope some cows, saw some wood, shoot some black powder, and throw some tomahawks.

Create Memories

When it was time for a break after many days travel on the dusty trails of the West, it was time to wash your hair and put on your Sunday best. You are able to take the time to bond with your fellow travelers and create fond memories.

The band will strike a tune and your group will experience a real old fashioned square dance / hoe down. Don’t fret about having two left feet, because we supply easy dance instructions and instructors. Don’t be a wall flower as we dance you across the open field before you bed down for the night.

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We Have Your Back!

If you are nervous about safety on the trail? We have your back!

We supply a trained support medical team to take care of your group. If you have medical professionals that are planning to attend you can provide your own medical support team. If your female team mates are concerned about potty breaks along the way we truly bring the port-a-potty with us, along with clean potable water. At our main stays we have clean permanent lavatories and fresh water.

As part of your experience we supply full chuck wagon meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our top notch catering service is works with any of your teams special needs.

You receive a wilderness experience, without fear of the wild.

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